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and service into the Oil & Gas market


    large forgings
    equipment & spares
    well equipment





REY Italia is a trading company with a wide intelligence of the supply networks of products and services for different industrial markets, in particular for Oil & Gas.

large forgings

  • rings
  • cylinders
  • plates
  • nozzles (Long WN, reinforced, special)

and spare parts

  • air-coolers, blowers
  • mixers, agitators, blenders
  • pumps (centrifugal, sump, vertical, etc.)
  • compressors
  • heat exchangers (tube and plate)
  • boilers
  • burners
  • condensers
  • pressure vessels
  • tanks
  • batteries, inverters, chargers
  • electric motors, transformers, generators

well equipment
and tools

  • wellhead equipment: Xmas trees, casing heads
  • hoisting and suspending equipment: elevators, slips
  • extraction tools: sucker rods, polished rods, pumping heads
  • fishing tools: taper taps, die collars


  • flexible hoses (ship to shore, others)
  • expansion joints
  • special joints

and accessories

  • analysers
  • flow-meters
  • pressure gauges
  • filters
  • chart paper
  • lab accessories
  • miscellaneous


  • Most types of material including plastics, reinforced, steel, any alloy and sophisticated metals, cladded, bare or coated.
  • In accordance with the most known norms and design specifications (ASTM, DIN, API, ANSI, MSS-SP, AWWA, etc.).
  • Any size up to 60" and in various thickness and type
  • Prefabricated spools
  • Pipes: smls and welded, extruded and hot and cold rolled, finned tubes
  • Fittings: seamless and welded, forged and BW, elbows, tees, barred and split tees, reducers, manifolds, "Y", lateral, o'lets, stub ends, manifolds, etc.
  • Flanges: forged and moulded, WN, blind, lap joint, Long WN, anchor, swivel, etc.
  • Valves: forged and cast, butterfly, plug, safety, ball, globe, check, etc.
  • Accessories: gaskets, bolts and nuts, stud bolts, hangers, others

REY Italia s.r.l.  

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